"A Smile For You"
Children learn about the Mitzvot which are "bein adam l'chaveiro" - between man and his felllow. Mitzvot included are: visiting the sick, charity, inviting guests, honoring our parents, kindness towards others, positive speech about others, and telling the truth.


"Jewish and Proud"
Students learn about the unique Mitzvot and symbols that have identified us as a Jewish people and make us feel special. These include: having a Jewish name, Kippah and Tzitzit, Kosher - what it is and what it means, Shabbat - the background of this Mitzvah and the special traditions and practices associated with it.


"Thank You Hashem!"
At this level, students learn about the special Mitzvot that are "bein adam l'makom" - between man and G‑d. These are Mitzvot that bring us closer to G‑d, increasing our connection with and love towards Him. Mitzvot included in this course are: Prayer - how and when we pray and the schedule of prayer; Synagogue - identifying the main components of a synagogue and understanding the service; Blessings - made on foods, sensations such as smelling spices or seeing a rainbow, upon performing Mitvot, and after completing a meal; Mezuzah - understanding the significance of it and discovering how it is made and properly cared for.


"Heaven On Earth"
In this grade, students discover the concept of holiness within this world. They learn about the sacred and Holy Land of Israel - when it was promised to the Jewish people and why it is so special to us today, Mitzvot associated with the Land of Israel, and specific Holy sites within the land. They also learn about the Holy Temple which twice stood in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, and discover the special practices performed there as well as learning about the long-awaited era of redemption and true peace that we mention in our prayers daily - what it is and what will be when it happens.


"It's About Time!"
This course is all about understanding the concept of holiness within time. Students learn the structure of the Jewish calendar - what makes up a Jewish day, week, month, and year. They learn about special days like Rosh Chodesh - the beginning of the month and the Mitzvot and customs associated with it. They also learn the months of the year and understand how we get a leap year that has an extra month. Other parts of the couse covered during this year are special years on the Jewish calendar, such as Shmittah (every 7 years), and life milestones - from birth to death and practices associated with each, such as the Mitzvah of having a Bris, and observing the day of a Yahrtzeit - the anniversary of a loved one's passing.


"G‑d's Gift To Us; Our Gift To G‑d"
At this grade level, students understand what the Torah is and how it is a precious gift from G‑d. They learn about the monumental event of the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people, how the Torah is comprised of different parts and how it is broken down. They discover how a Torah is made, how it is treasured and kept in special chambers, and how it is opened and read from. The children then learn about our gift to G‑d - the Mitzvot that we do. They learn about the different categories and types of Mitzvot that we have and examples for each type, as well as learning about the Ten Commandments inscribed in the two tablets.


"Is G‑d Jewish?"
The sixth grade year is a critical stage in a child's life. At this point, boys and girls are nearing their Bar or Bat Mitzvah and are beginning to come up with their own questions to better understand G‑d and their relationship with Him. This course focuses on answering their questions and engaging them in thoughful discussion. Concepts explored include: belief in G‑d, understanding how our belief in G‑d fits into the context of science, the 13 Principles of Faith, the Jewish soul, the Jewish people, and the Jewish approach to justice.