What makes us stand out from other Hebrew Schools?

  • Our exceptional reputation is thanks to our exceptional staff. They are here becasue they believe in their students and know that they are making a difference in their lives. Many staff members will offer to tutor children outside of school or continue their connection with students in later years.
  • Our innovative school-wide events
    We recognize the great impact a special contest, research fair, holiday celebration, or Mitzvah project can have on a child. Our creative events and programs include visiting senior citizens, the Annual Torah Fair, Shofar Factory, and family Shabbat dinners - to name a few.
  • A strong Hebrew literacy program
    When it comes to Hebrew language, there is no comparison between our school and other Hebrew schools. While other schools are still using the conventional uniform approach to reading, our school has taken on an entirely new approach with the now famous Aleph Champion reading program, used exclusively in Chabad Hebrew Schools. This program drastically improves students' reading and writing skills and is consistently rated the top subject among all our students.
  • A comprehensive curriculum that caters to ALL students' needs
    Our curriculum is based upon researched educational methodology that facilitates complete student participation throughout the learning process, regardless of level, skill, or ability. Our students are taught for mastery and are regularly assessed for comprehension and information retention.
  • The sense of community among our students' families
    A prime concern for parents when searching for the right Hebrew school for their children is finding the right "niche". Our student body is a rainbow of backgrounds, affiliations, and national origins. The diversity of the families enrolled in our Hebrew School brings an appreciation for the unity and the closeness the parents feel towards each other. Almost sixty percent of our parent body are active members of our Parent Committee.
  • Our modern and spacious new facility
    Our facility boasts eight brand new classrooms, a multimedia room, a commercial kitchen, and a most exquisite sanctuary. The new construction was designed with our Hebrew School in mind and has brought our school to an entirely new level of what we can now offer our students.