Aleph Champion Hebrew Literacy Program

The Aleph Champion Hebrew literacy program is changing the way children in Hebrew Schools across the world feel about reading Hebrew. The way it used to be, students would dread taking out their reading books, having to go through the grueling drill of reading aloud and listening to everyone else in the class read. Now, ask any child in Hebrew School what is their favorite part of Hebrew School, and chances are, you will hear all about the Aleph Champion program.

What is Aleph Champion?
Here at Lubavitch Hebrew School we utilize a highly successful reading program called the Aleph Champ program. This program is designed with a theme and motivation similar to that of the traditional Karate system: using different colors to represent a hierarchy of levels in proficiency. This system is an incredible tool for our students, since it enables each student to work at his/her own pace and take pride as they master one level and move up to the next. The Aleph Champ program begins at the most basic level, ‘White’, in which students learn to identify the first half of the Hebrew alphabet. As the levels progress, the entire alphabet is mastered along with its accompanying vowels. A student completes the Aleph Champ program at the ‘Black level’, at which point they are able to read Hebrew fluently from a Siddur (Prayer book).

Who is it for?
This program is for grades 2 through 6. In the Kindergarten class as well as the first grade, students are introduced to the letters and vowels with tactile, kinesthetic and visual stimulation. By second grade, children are ready to begin working at their own pace and are responsible enough to complete their work in their own workbooks.

What makes it so successful?
With the Aleph Champion program, learning to read and write becomes tailor-made for each individual student. Rather than trying to find a level of reading where "most of the class" is at and just hope for the best for the rest of the students, this enables each child to work at his/her own pace. Another major advantage to the way to the program is designed is that there is a constant motivation for the child to want to read better just by the fact that he/she wants to be at the next level. It also is extremely helpful for students to have clear and reachable goals so that they can feel capable and confident that they will succeed.

How does it work?
Every Sunday at Hebrew School, each class will be spending 40 minutes in the ‘Aleph Champ’ room. During this time slot, they will be divided into small groups according to their ‘color’. Each group will be working under the guidance of a teacher, acquiring new reading skills and reinforcing these skills to mastery.