Our curriculum contains all the elements needed for an engaging and successful learning experience. We provide our students with the tools and resources needed to discover and explore their rich heritage, learn the fundamentals of the Hebrew language, and connect to their Judaism in a personal way.

The goals we set for our students which is reflected in every lesson and unit are for our students to relate the teachings of the Torah and the history of the Jewish People to their lives and to gain spiritual insights and practical lessons, making them better people and closer to G‑d.

We have developed a school-wide curriculum, beginning with kindergarten and ending with sixth grade. Students at all grade levels spend time learning the following subjects:

  • Prayer - the words, tunes, and meaning of basic Hebrew prayers
  • Judaics - holidays, traditions, customs, Jewish philosophy, and ethics
  • History - the story of our people from Creation until the present time
  • Hebrew language - reading, writing and basic vocabulary